Sunday, December 11, 2005

you've been warned...

The Paris Bitter Hearts Pit #2 out now

available from Shakespeare and Company bookstore, Paris, and soon in London, New York, Santiago...mail order: 5 euros including shipping (send us an e-mail)

Matt Thorne - extract from his forthcoming novel, Privacy
Paul Ewen - The Albert, Westminster
Lee Rourke - Mother and Son
Tony O'Neill - 1319 Iris Circle #3
Rositza Pironska - The Desert
Richard Cabut - Stevie Spealks in Tongues
Jacob Sam-La Rose - Three Poems

With exclusive signed, numbered colour print of Andy Bullock's "God Bless America"
Design: Nicolas Vitte

Special thanks to Andrew Gallix, Nicolas Vitte, Andy Bullock.

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