Friday, June 08, 2007

PBHP 4 sent to press

Dear readers

PBHP 4 has been sent to press. It should be ready in about a week, but you can preorder it right now for 5 euros, shipping included.

Here's a peep at the contents:

Smoking Kills, by Adelle Stripe
Shut your Lungs – Jump, by Vim Cortez
Orgies, by Daniel Coleman
Kunt, by Steve Vermilion
Rotted Fruit, by Jessica Buck
Just Like He Said, by Adelle Stripe
Doves, by Steve Ely
Three Thousands Poems, or Blockhead, by Glenn Fisher
Evening Song, by Joseph Ridgwell
Phone Sex, by Matthew Coleman
Three Looming Cranes in the Distance, by Lee Rourke
Ilie Nastase, by Ashley Reaks
Honesty, by Chris Killen

Vim Cortez

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