Friday, September 08, 2006

Etre et devenir

Sein und Werden, exciting literary fanzine received a few weeks ago and come back to ever since. Rachel Kendall and Spyros Heniadis edit this zine, the print incarnation of an intriguing Webzine, out of Manchester. The paper and web contents are different and complementary. We like the DIY look of the print version, evocative of guerilla/ghetto publishing actions in which we believe. In this promising first issue, Jesus was a Salvation Eater, by Jessica Daigle Virdine, and The Things you Find by the River especially caught our attention. But the discriminating reader (that old bastard) is certain to find something suited to their literary cravings in this diverse yet coherent issue, which sports the colours of a special brand of surrealism / existentialism.
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